The Samarrilleres (like guerrilla tshirts, in Catalan) speak for themselves.
They make us p
ause a moment, think in pictures, words, of rebellious dreams (and realities).

Samarrilleres and Samarrillers are all those who fight for a more just and humane world, ‘a world where many worlds fit’, without borders or walls, where we are able to meet and work together in diversity, freedom, respect, and tolerance for our differences and worldviews.

We support self-determination and the emancipation of the people, we sympathise with the liberation movements in the Global South, indigenous struggles, commoners and all oppressed minorities, humiliated and exploited by the capitalist-imperialist system. We stand for biodiversity and the respect for the environment.

Samarrilleres and Samarrillers are committed to environmental sustainability and responsible consumption; for a sense of historical memory, truth and justice; for a liberating education without prejudices; for full gender equality.

We are idealists, guerrilla fighters for change and revolution. And we do not hide. We carry with us the message throughout all the trenches – our homes, streets, classrooms, work, concerts, demonstrations and assemblies – everywhere.

“Because the revolution will not be televised, but screen printed”.