Do you feel like a samarriller/a? So welcome!
There are several ways to support this project and all the causes 😀

1)) GRAPHIC DESIGNERS you can collaborate designing samarrillers >> Send us an email to and we’ll coordinate with you!

2)) You don’t know how to design but you have a SUPER IDEA? You’ve seen a message that has made an impact on you and you think it should reach more people? >> Fill in this short form and tell us why you think your idea would make a good silk-screen and promote change and social transformation!

3)) HAVE A CAUSE IN MIND? You can suggest it!! There are shirts that still don’t have a cause associated for the % of income coming from their sale!

4)) WANT TO SELL in your store or business? Contact us and we’ll see what we can do together to create synergies and make the samarrilleras flow!

5)) Are you an artist? Did you ever think that your t-shirt design could reach many people? Not just talk about who you are and your ideals; also broadcast a revolutionary message, a cause you want to highlight, a struggle that you support! What are you waiting for? Sponsor a SAMARRILLERA now!??? Writte Us