How it works

The first thing you should know is that when you buy a samarrillera, you are not only buying a shirt.

There is much more behind this (un)conscious consumerist act.
You’ll be wearing a slogan from history, or a revolutionary motto, or the image of a particular struggle. And you’re directly supporting the cause behind the t-shirt. You will automatically become a samarrillero accomplice.
Because the revolution will not be televised, but silkscreened
Perhaps the samarrillera is not particularly cheap, but let us tell you something:
It has been very tricky to find a manufactuer within the Spanish State. Most of the shirts that are sold come directly from China, India, or Bangladesh. Despite being much cheaper, we cant know in what conditions it has been produced. And that is definitely “not cool” :(.
On this issue – and following the ecological footprint – we have chosen to print locally (although we know that inevitably the raw material – the cotton – comes from outside).
The textile company where we buy the tshirts and the workshop where we print them, are both national and local respectively.
Either way, if you have any suggestions or ideas related to the production being more “consistent”, please do not hesitate to contact us and contribute!
Product proximity and silkscreen made as close as possible
 self-managed and cooperative work (you are welcome to join, contribute, distribute!)
 25% of the cost of the shirt goes directly to the cause promoted.
* Example from a shirt that costs 16 euros:
4 euros will be for the cause (25% of the total) and the remaining 12 euros corresponds to the costs of production:
– Buying the shirt (national product)
– Screen printing (local stamping)
– Graphic design work (samarrilleros designers)
– Other transport and distribution costs.
So if you think about it … it’s not so expensive! 😉
Just think that you’re not just buying a nice t-shirt, but also are collaborating directly in a cause.
estrelletaAND HOY CAN I KNOW THAT MONEY REACHES ITS DESTINATION? How can I be sure this is true and you’re not just building yourselves a house by the beach?
The first thing: we don’t want a house by the beach (if it’s a tent, we’re ok with that!). Besides, we respect the Coastal Law… 😉
Secondly: we are longtime activists. This wont make us millionaires, it’s part of our struggle. We want to change the world, and raise awareness.
Thirdly: In this section, for the sake of transparency, you will find a list of all the movements that we are doing related with all the different causes. If you have any question or you see something you don’t understand, please write to us and we’ll get back to you soon.